Device Details

Apple OSX is the operating system running on Apple Laptops including the MacBook and MacBook Air.

If you are running OSX and having problems with your device asking to authenticate after it falls asleep, please see this note.

Apple - OS X Operating System Setup Instructions

10.7 (Lion) and later

To assist with setting up a WMUCooley wireless profile for your 

Apple - OS X device, please click here to download a pre-configured profile.

Once downloaded, double click the file to install the Profile:





Enter the administrator credentials for your computer

Once the installation is complete, connect to WMUCooley
[Please note, you need to perform this step on campus]

Click on the WMUCooley network, and you will be prompted for your

Accept the Security Certificate - your wireless icon will start blinking,
and turn black once connected.

Now open your Internet browser to access any site.