Apple OSX Keychain Issue

There is a known bug in various versions of OSX whereby Mac users have to authenticate every time their device goes to sleep, or every time they try to connect. We've seen random results on various systems depending on their OSX version and configuration.

This issue is related to the password for 802.11x networks not being saved in the Keychain, which causes some Mac users to have to re-authenticate. Apple has acknowledged this issue and has indicated it will be addressed within an upcoming OSX update. The following steps are offered as a workaround by allowing you to insert your password into the Keychain. Please note you may have to repeat this step following a password change.


1. Open Finder

2. Click on Applications

3. Click on Utilities


4. Within Utilities, locate the Keychain and double click it.


5. Find the Entry for WMUCooley and double-click it

6. Check the box in front of “Show Password” (you will be prompted for the Mac admin password)

If no password is entered, enter the correct current password. If an old password is entered, replace it with the correct current password.